Autotask Workplace Melbourne

If you’re looking for a business grade, cloud file sharing solution, you can’t go past WORKPLACE! If you’re a fan of dropbox, but want it to do more, Autotask Workplace is what you need. T4B can help you to get your files into the cloud, so you can share data securely with your staff, colleagues and the public. T4B has many clients who have embraced AUTOTASK WORKPLACE in conjunction with Microsoft Office 365 eliminating the need for an on-site server.  A big cost saving for your business!
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Workplace is great for businesses who:
        • Don’t have (or don’t want to have) a server
        • Have a mobile/decentralised workforce
        • Want secure online data storage for your staff
        • Want to easily share documentation with clients or the public
        • Want an easy solution to backup computers
        • Work with PC and/or MAC
        • Want to access files from iPhone/Android mobile devices
        • Want business grade Australian based support
        • Want their data to stay in Australia on servers in Australian Data Centres.
        • T4B offers full Workplace solutions including subscription, setup and support.
We Autotask Workplace ourselves at T4B – and we love it! Contact us today to learn more about how Autotask Workplace can positively impact your business

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