Builders move to the cloud
Builders move to the cloud Cloud File storage – Soonr – Apple Mac
Specialist Centre Relocation
Specialist Centre Relocation Internet services, hardware relocation, Phone system, Cost savings.
Financial Planners
Financial Planners Saying good bye to servers - office 365 and soonr
Backup Solution
Backup Solution No tapes required
Fresh Start
Fresh Start New computers, Anti Virus, Printers, Internet, hybrid cloud email, local storage with cloud backup
IOT Intel mini computers for the takeaway industry.

T4B has a flexible workforce and access to a vast network of area specialists should a specific skill-set be required.

When it comes to delivering a project, it’s the outcome that’s important. We can deliver from a pre-designed brief, but we generally like to start at the beginning and tailor a solution from the ground up. That doesn’t necessarily mean a greater spend, in fact it often means much less expense, both in project costs and ongoing support! We will start with your business objectives and advance from there, ensuring your historical investment in IT is best utilised as well and making sure you have the most cost effective, highly functional IT solution possible.

Let us help you reassess your business plans in terms of technology, rather than just giving you a new version of the same thing you’ve always had. We may surprise you at how much simpler your IT can be! When you’re reviewing your infrastructure, there is an opportunity to change tack and look for different ways of operating. Organisations change over time, and as you evolve you can find yourself fitting in with the technology rather than the technology fitting around you.


T4B is regularly called upon to assist with IT strategy as an independent party.

We can be engaged to:

  • Independently review existing IT support arrangements
  • Review and assess technical project proposals
  • Provide internal IT departments of all shapes and sizes with operational advice and direction
  • Proposal negotiations

It is in our nature to challenge the status quo and invoke new thinking in an IT setting. We will gladly work with a team or an individual to improve a technical or commercial outcomes.

Give us a call to arrange a confidential discussion.