What We Can Offer

Welcome to the next generation of IT support services
We work hard to deliver outcomes that improve the way your business uses technology. This in turn helps your business achieve its strategic and commercial goals. We are IT gurus, but we won’t bore you with the techno-babble or be too “geeky”. We deliver complete solutions every time, and will always meet your objective. We are proud that we’re not a group of nerds that decided to run a business. We are a commercially focused group of IT professionals who strive to take the headaches out of IT for you by making your systems as operationally and technically simple as possible. We do deliver complex, technologically advanced solutions where required, but we don’t do it unnecessarily. Quite simply, the more technology infrastructure your business has, the more it costs you to maintain and support. We don’t like wasting your valuable time and money.

A little bit about us
T4B is built upon over 15 years experience in the IT Support industry. We consider our biggest asset to be that we’ve been in your shoes. We have historical experience in buying the products and services we now provide to you, so we never lose sight of your perspective as the client. We are a small-medium enterprise (SME), servicing both SMEs and large business’s, we understand and have experience with the challenges on every level of the spectrum, both technical and commercial, which puts us in a great position to help you.

What we can do for you
  • Remote helpdesk
  • Onsite support
  • Cloud technology
  • Equipment supply
  • Internet connections
  • Domain and hosting solutions
  • Projects and consulting